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Make Clean Beauty A Priority

As a woman, you want to feel beautiful, strong, confident, and empowered. Wearing makeup allows you to maintain a vibrant glow and look your best, but at what cost? Unless you're following clean beauty practices, you could be damaging your skin, hair, and body. If you want to both look and feel fabulous and vital, you need to understand the importance of clean beauty and know how to choose the best clean beauty products. Read on to learn more.

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kemostick perk - contour stick - a

Kemostick Perk

The Contour Stick

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kemostick blushy- blush stick - a

Kemostick Blushy

The Blush Stick

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kemostick gauzy moisturizer stick 8a

Kemostick Gauzy

The Moisturizer Stick

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kemostick radiant -highlghter stick- a

Kemostick Radiant

The Highlighter Stick

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KemoLash Extreme

Volume & Length Mascara

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Glam To Meet You

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The Way Kemosha Werks

No Animal Testing Ever

We make beauty products with skin-loving ingredients. Proud to be 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and non-comedogenic.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We love the products we make for you and we know you will love them too. In case a product doesn't meet the quality you expect from Kemosha we will happily replace it or refund your money back.

Your Natural Beauty

Kemosha Cosmetics is all about empowering women to play by their own rules and express their inner beauty. We strive to celebrate every woman's unique features while providing products of the highest quality.

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The Reviews Are In

“Love it! My skin never felt better and I love the simplicity of using the same product on my face and body… so simple!!!”.

--Katherine P.

“I love this multistick so much. I use it on my cheeks and lips. I like how it’s buildable so I can increase the intensity of the color. I have four—one for my bathroom, bag, car and kitchen. I can’t get enough!”

--Karen S.

“Fabulous! I've used Blushy for four years. I switched to cream rouge, as I didn't need powders in fine lines. It’s quick, easy for multiple face areas, and just the right enhancement for my very fair skin.”

--Ellen S.